Event Updates

2020 Event Updates
Solar Car Challenge Video Update (May 10, 2020)
Solar Car Challenge Postponed (April 4, 2020)
Event Update No. 2020-2: Registration - Confirmation of Guidelines - Logo - Attire (February 9, 2020)
Event Update No. 2020-1: Team Scrapbook & Oral Presentation Guidelines [Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF] (August 16, 2019)
2020-2021 Two Year Plan [Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF] (July 31, 2019)
The plan for 2020-2021 to make it possible for teams to make long term plans for construction and race participation.

2019 Event Updates
Event Update No. 2019-9: Team Check In Schedule (June 13, 2019)
Event Update No. 2019-8: Where-to-Be What-to-Do Document (June 2, 2019)
Event Update No. 2019-7: Procedures for Closed Track Races (May 31, 2019)
Event Update No. 2019-6 (May 23, 2019)
Guidelines for Team Oral Presentations and Photographing/Filming the Solar Car Challenge.
Event Update No. 2019-5: Release of Liability Forms (April 12, 2019)
Reminder to provide the liability forms for the Solar Car Challenge and Texas Motor Speedway.
Event Update No. 2019-4: Team Check-In; Team Expenses; Team Attire and Solar Car Challenge Logo (March 31, 2019)
Event Update No. 2019-3: Digital Copy of Documents and Parts Offering (February 2019)
Reminder to send a digital copy of registration by email and donation of from Texas Tech to high school solar car teams.
Event Update No. 2019-2: Liability Insurance (February 14, 2019)
Reminder that liability insurance is required and an option for teams to secure liability insurance.
Event Update No. 2019-1 (January 25, 2019)
Updates to the criteria for entry in the Classic and Advanced Classic Divisions.