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This forum allows the solar car community to buy, sell, or trade parts so that teams can help one another or upgrade and sell older parts to other teams. To submit items for sale or to request parts, send email to and it will be posted. Once the parts are bought/sold, please send a subsequent email for removal. Each request should describe the part, the requested price, and contact information.

A list of solar car parts and vendors can be found here: SolarCarPartsandManufacturers.docx

For Sale
Battery Charger Zivan 72 Volt Battery Charger Free Charlie Dazzo
(917) 842-4209
Battery Management Orion BMS (new) Best Offer Charlie Dazzo
(917) 842-4209
Batteries New Dow Kokam LiPo battery packs KHO33TJVA0045
65 available
- Larry George
(317) 432-2723
Batteries Chips from Lithium Ion batteries Free Charlie Dazzo
(917) 842-4209
Charge Controller AERL RACEMAX 600B
Charges higher voltage battery packs from lower voltage solar arrays
Output voltage options of 72, 96, 120, 144, 168V
AERL RACEMAX 600B Datasheet
AERL RACEMAX Meter Module Specification
AERL RACEMAX Maximizer User's Manual
- Martine Watkinson
Australian Energy Research Labs Pty Ltd
Phone: +61 7 3978 2192
Charge Controller Midnight Sun Classic 250 Charge Controller
Max operating voltage 250V
Max output current 55A
$600 + shipping Mark Westlake
St. Thomas Academy EVT
Fire Extinguisher Class D Fire Extinguisher
Brand new in box
$350 Tom Stueve
Oregon Solar Car Team
Frame Want to donate solar car frame from Wylie East's entry in 2017. If interested, contact for pictures. Free Tony Roseberry
Manufacturing/Welding Instructor
Wylie East High School
Wylie, Texas
Motor 72 V Advanced Motor New Best Price Charlie Dazzo
(917) 842-4209
Motor & Motor Controller 96 V and 48 V NGM motors for sale with motor controllers
Tritium Motor Controller (never used).
48 V Lithium Batteries available (with BMS).
negotiable Charlie Dazzo
(917) 842-4209
Motor Controller Soliton Junior Motor Controller
New in carton, never installed.
Lists for $1800.
600A, 8-340V Input, 175 W Peak Motor Power
$1000 Dean Nafziger
(970) 325-0110
(970) 729-1924
Solar Panels Five (5) Suniva 265 Watt Solar Panels
Module efficiency 16.33%
Model Number 265-60-4-100
Voltage at Max Power Point 30.7V
Current at Max Power Point 8.64A
Open Circuit Voltage 38.3V
Open Circuit Current 9.12A
$200 each + shipping Mark Westlake
St. Thomas Academy EVT

All We are building our first car and we are looking for anything on the front end. We especially need front wheels with brakes. Suspension and steering parts are welcome too. Considerably used stuff is fine because we have some good welders. We are in Texas, close to Austin. - Michael McGregor
Liberty Hill High School
All New Team getting into the challenge! Looking for ANY kind of free solar car parts that can be used on our first build. Thanks! Free Blake Collins
All We are a first-year, new solar car team looking to race in the 2023 Solar Car Challenge. Any parts FOR FREE would be appreciated as we are a small public school with minimal resources. We are located in California, near Sacramento. Thanks! Free Aarav Mangrulkar
Vista del Lago High School
Motor & Motor Controller NGM 150 motor and EVC-402 controller - Larry George
Tires Size 95/80/R16
Qty: 8-12
- Mustafa Serkan Sayici