We are inviting applications for internships in the Solar Car Challenge. We would like to have representatives from all across the country. Interns must have participated in at least one previous Challenge.

Interns are involved with a variety of aspects in running the race. All types of people are needed to make this race a success -- technical experts, public relations personnel, and everyone in between. Before the race begins, interns gather together for a Pre-Race Session, where they discuss rules, logistics, and the future of the race. During the race, interns serve as team judges and perform other logistical tasks.

For questions or to file your application for an internship, please send an e-mail to Dr. Lehman Marks ( with the following information:

  1. Full name and former team
  2. When you took part in a prior Solar Car Challenge
  3. Current occupation
  4. Why you want to be an intern
  5. Digital photo for the Race Booklet

The deadline for filing your application for an internship is March 15.