Intent to Race
Submit this form between September 1 to January 31 before each racing year, this form registers your team's intent to race in the Solar Car Challenge. This allows the race staff to send important announcements directly to team members.
Registration (Format: Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF)
Due March 1st of each racing year, this form officially registers your team for racing in the Solar Car Challenge. This form also requires technical documents about your car for review by the race staff and includes details about the team for inclusion in the Race Booklet.

Please print this form and send it to:
Dr. Lehman Marks
3505 Cassidy Drive
Plano, TX 75023

Sample Scrutineering Check Sheets (Format: Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF)
These forms are provided to teams so that they can preview the types of questions asked at the Scrutineering stations. This allows the teams to prepare for the rigors of the scrutineering process.