Useful Web Sites
Solid Edge Academic Software Grant Application
Want a free copy of Solid Edge, a fully functional/professional 3D CAD program to draw/model the mechanical aspects of your solar car? Fill out the grant application and receive your copy!
Solid Edge Learning Resources
Want to learn more about how to use Siemens Solid Edge? Check out learning resources here.
Solid Edge Student Certifications
Take the next step in using Solid Edge by taking an online exam and receive an industry recognized credential to enhance your future career.
Auto-Ware Front Suspension Geometry Pro
Suspension software used by Malcolm Stalcup, Advisor, Solar Stealth. More information on the software and contact information for its creator can be found here.
How to Build a Solar Car
An in-depth look at how Northview High School in Covina, CA built their solar car.
Parts Contacts
Part of the above How to Build a Solar Car site. Lists where teams can purchase parts for their solar car.

Siemens Blog, October 2021
High school "Cats" lead Kentucky to inspirational Solar Car Challenge run
The story behind the success of the Kentucky Solar Cats and how Siemens Solid Edge helped them succeed.
Texas Aviation STEM Magazine, February 2021
One Random Event That Led to a Career She Didn't Know Existed

Team Experiences & Reflections
Covenant Christian Academy Solar Car Team Album
The Power of Teamwork: Reflections of the 2017 Covenant Christian Academy Solar Car Team

Race Video: 2006 Dell-Winston School Solar Car Challenge
A documentary that chronicles the 2006 Dell-Winston School Solar Car Challenge, a closed-track race at the Texas Motor Speedway.
Race Video: 2003 Dell-Winston Solar Challenge
A documentary that chronicles the 2003 Dell-Winston Solar Challenge, a cross-country race from Round Rock, Texas to Cocoa, Florida.
Instructional Video: Solar Car Construction Techniques
How to build a solar car, as taught by Mark Westlake, Moderator of the Saint Thomas Academy Experimental Vehicle Team, Keith Reese, Advisor of the Houston Solar Race Team, and Lee Cabe, Advisor of the Newburgh Free Academy Solar Racing Team.

Instructional Materials
List of Sources, updated for 2020
Presented by Joel Pitts at the New Teams Workshop, September 14, 2019
"Nature of the Competition" Pamphlet
A description of the Solar Car Challenge and a planning calendar for building vehicles.
Rule Booklets
Race Booklets
Curriculum Guidelines