The Solar Car Challenge is staffed by wonderful volunteers who are excited to help high school students be inspired in science, engineering, and alternative energies. We look forward to working with you!

Dr. Lehman Marks
Foundation President and Race Director
University of Texas (Austin), Tulane University

William Shih
Foundation Board Member and Deputy Race Director
University of Southern California

Jarrett Dunn
Foundation Board Member and Operations Director
Georgia Tech University

Chris Jones
Foundation Board Member and Chief Race Judge
California State Polytechnic University (Pomona)

Michael Foree
Foundation Board Member and Communications Director
Rice University

Taylor Davis
Race Teams Consultant
Arizona State University

John King
Assistant to the Race Director (Staff Coordinator)
University of Texas (Arlington)

Matt Claude
Assistant to the Race Director (Teams Coordinator)
Paris Junior College

Tom Mullaney
Race Research Director
University of Texas (Austin)

Christian Negratti
Event Rules Coordinator, Electric-Solar Powered Vehicle Division
Oklahoma State University

Fred Varian
Race Safety Officer

Roddy Parkinson
Official Race Photographer

Mark Westlake
Chairman, Advisory Committee

Lee Cabe
Teaching Consultant/
Race Judge

Rebecca Baze
HR/Registrations Coordinator