White Papers

The following are white papers written by various solar car experts on issues of interest in the building of solar cars. These are not official race documents but provide different perspectives from participants and observers of the Solar Car Challenge. If you have a white paper to contribute, please email tech@solarcarchallenge.org.

White Papers
Building a Solar Car - A white paper by Mark Westlake of Saint Thomas Academy, sharing information for new teams on how to build a solar car and a list of vendors for solar car parts.
Electrical Hints and Tips for Solar Car Challenge Race Teams - A white paper by Dan Lepinski, sharing suggestions and comments for improving electrical design and assembly of solar cars.
Cruise Control Wiring - A white paper by Matt Sandt, describing an approach and design to implementing cruise control in a solar car.
Calculating Array Power for Battery Charging - A white paper by Jim Duncan, describing considerations for calculating how much energy from the solar array gets to the battery pack.