Solar Car Challenge Event Update 2023-6

Lodging Arrangements
The Solar Car Challenge has arranged group rates at hotels along the race course. You are free to use these rooms, or to make your own lodging arrangements. These room blocks remain open until June 1, 2023. Please make sure to do your planning by that date. [Lodging List at end of this Event Update]

There is only one location along the race route that has limited housing: Florence, Arizona. I request teams utilize as few rooms as possible at this location. There is alternative lodging, but this is 30 miles from the display at Heritage Park, Florence, AZ.

Solar Car Challenge Email
The official email list is based on the name of the Team Adviser and Team Captain(s) set out on the Official Registration Document. You must have a Team Captain listed with a workable email!

The Team Captain needs to be fully informed since they are the ones going through Scrutineering... not the Team Advisers. Please let me know if you wish to add additional names to this email list.

Race Trailers
Teams are required to have a trailer for the Solar Car Challenge. We will be testing each teamís ability to load and unload the trailer in a safe, orderly manner at Station Six during Scrutineering. This is a crucial skill since teams will be required to load their solar cars (or unload) along the side of the road. Please plan on practicing this skill prior to arriving at the race.

The Solar Car Challenge will provide Police Security during the overnight impounds, but these impounds will be on secure parking lots. Teams should consider what kind of trailer will provide the best security for their solar car during these impounds. Please donít forget that weather conditions may require protection from wind, rain, blowing dust, and hail.

Teams are free to bring more than one trailer! Some teams like to have an open trailer so their solar car can receive solar charging during trailered miles, and an enclosed trailer for overnight or weather security. This is strictly an individual teamís decision. However, remember that Rule only allows one trailer to be part of the solar car convoy. A second trailer would need to travel at least one mile apart from the convoy.

Race Strategy & Weather
Teams may want to develop a topographical plan for driving the race, but please donít forget that weather conditions play a big role in driving cross-country. Experience has shown that driving West at this time of the year is coupled with cloudy conditions in the morning, bright sunny days, and clouds returning late afternoon.

Lodging for the 2023 Solar Car Challenge