Solar Car Challenge Event Update 2022-1

2022 Cross-Country Solar Car Race
Plans are moving forward with the 2022 Solar Car Challenge cross-country race from Texas to Colorado. Details for that driving event will be published after the January Specialty Workshop.
Crucial: Portions of this race course are flat, but several days of the racing event include rolling hills and mountains. Teams must complete their solar cars early so that you can practice driving under hilly conditions. Please remember, you can drive up steep hills for "road miles" or you can trailer the solar car at the bottom of the hill and unload the vehicle at the top of the hill for "no miles". Under the second option, you conserve your battery power for flat areas down the road. Knowledge of topography is crucial for racing cross-country. Teams must travel at a minimum of 15mph or pull off the road.

Filing Intent to Race
Every school interested in the Solar Car Challenge should file an Intent-to-Race Form so they can receive all SCC details and mailings. This in no way obligates your school to race! It just opens the door for good communication. [Deadline: January 31, 2022]

Internships in the 2022 Solar Car Challenge
The Solar Car Challenge is now accepting applications to be an Intern in the 2022 Solar Car Challenge.
It is helpful to have interns from many teams rather than just a few.

Special Solar Car Challenge Competitions
Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Python Calculator Competition: This exciting competition is due January 8, 2022. See Rules Attached. The winner will be honored at the January Workshop, and receive a check for $1,500. [Details attached]

>Siemens Mechanical Drawings & Electrical Schematics Competition: This year’s competition is due March 1, 2022 with documents included within your required Race Registration Packet. Winners in each Racing Division will be honored at the 2022 Awards Banquet. First place winners will receive a check for $500 and a plaque. Second Place winners will receive a check for $250 and a plaque.

January Workshop - Friday, January 14th and Saturday, January 15th
We are hosting our largest in-person Workshop on Friday (afternoon), January 14th and Saturday, January 15th at the DFW Marriott Hotel and Golf Course, 3300 Championship Parkway, Fort Worth, Texas 76177. Make hotel reservations at or call 1-866-348-3984

Registration (required) for the Solar Car Challenge Workshop at:
[Agenda attached] [Masks required]

Racing Fee
The Racing Fee initiated in 2021 will continue in 2022. This fee makes it possible for teams to use the Texas Motor Speedway during the three days of Scrutineering, and for racing in 2023.

We have so greatly appreciated a 20-year partnership with the speedway. All of their staff and administration have always been hugely supportive of our project-based STEM Initiative. It is disappointing new management must now sell these days to us rather than considering them a donation to the Solar Car Challenge Foundation.

Let me assure you that the Texas Motor Speedway Staff have worked with us to minimize the expense to the Solar Car Challenge Foundation and teams. We also hope to defray some of this team expense through additional sponsorship.

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