Solar Car Challenge Event Update 2022-2

2022 Solar Car Challenge Race
The Board of Directors of the Solar Car Challenge met this weekend and decided that the 2022Racing Event will be a closed-track race at the Texas Motor Speedway.

Three factors influenced this decision:

  • Runaway Inflation has driven-up the cost of lodging, food, and gasoline to unrealistic amounts. A solar car team could easily spend the same amount of money on food and lodging as they spent on their solar car.
  • Fears of another COVID wave during the summer would create an unreasonable risk for teams, judges, and staff riding in the environment of a closed vehicle. On cross-country races, a judge sits in the chase car along with team members. With judges rotating teams every day, judges would be exposed to a significant risk of infection.
  • The cost of cross-country racing insurance has tripled.

We know this change may come as a disappointment, but in the long term we will be saving teams money and hosting a safer environment for the conduct of the event.

Special Changes for the 2022 Solar Car Challenge

(1) Registrations will be due on April 1st rather than March 1st. The registration must be accompanied by the non-refundable Registration Fee of $1,500.

(2) As mentioned in Event Update 2022-1, we are now paying the Texas Motor Speedway for the use of their facility. This yearís racing fee is $1,000 due no later than May 1st. This helps teams who are uncertain if their solar car will be ready for this summerís event. The racing fee is non-refundable.

(3) Each team must submit a copy of their solar car liability insurance [Rule 8.8] no later than June 1st.

(4) Each team must submit a video of their team discussing their solar car project [Rule 3.10]. Guidelines for that presentation are included within this Event Update.

(5) The Racing Dates remain essentially the same.

   Team Check-In:   Wednesday, July 13th at the DFW Marriot & Golf Club
   Scrutineering:   Thursday-Saturday, July 14-16th at the Texas Motor Speedway
   Racing           Sunday-Wednesday, July 17-20th at the Texas Motor Speedway
   Awards Banquet   Wednesday, July 20th at the DFW Marriott & Golf Club

Team Video Presentation Guidelines.docx