Solar Car Challenge Event Update 2024-8

Event Update 2024-5, regarding Team Oral Presentations, is hereby rescinded. We will revert to using videos of team presentations as set out in the guidelines below. The remainder of Event Update 2024-5 remains in effect.

Team Video Presentation Guidelines

Rule 3.10: Video Presentation - Teams shall prepare a video presentation describing their solar car project. The team will have up to 8 minutes to give a full statement about the teamís project. Teams will be graded based on whether the presentation gave a full statement about the teamís project and engineering decisions made, whether all team members participated, whether the presentation was well prepared and rehearsed, whether the team was able to speak without the use of notes, whether the team used visual aids, and whether the teamís digital scrapbook adequately showcases the teamís progress and development of the vehicle. Teams will be awarded up to 20 miles based on the quality and completeness of their video presentation and digital scrapbook. Penalties received during the event cannot affect miles awarded from the Oral Presentation.

Date Due: Presentations must be emailed to no later than July 1, 2024. Teams must submit their video in an mp4 format.

(1) Grading Criteria
(a) Did the video presentation give a full statement about the teamís project?
(b) Did the team explain their engineering decisions? For example: battery placement, array design, metal selection, body covering, etc.
(c) Did the team show documentation supporting their engineering decisions?
(d) Did all team members participate? [Every team member needs to speak]
(e) Was the presentation well prepared and rehearsed?
(f) Was the team able to speak without the use of notes?
(g) Did the team use visual aids?
(h) Did the teamís digital scrap book adequately support the teamís video presentation?
(i) Was the video of the oral presentation sent in mp4 format to

(2) Video Guidelines
(a) The video should be an uninterrupted record of the teamís oral presentation. It should be the same as if the team were being videoed in front of a "live" panel of judges.
(b) Teams may use multi-media during their presentation if this media would have been used within their "live" oral presentation. Teams will receive a point reduction if they use professional editing or visual effects within their video.

(3) Forever Laps
Teams will be awarded "forever" laps ranging from 0 to 20 laps. Results will be awarded after that team has passed Scrutineering.