Solar Car Challenge Event Update 2024-3

Significant Dates in the 2024 Solar Car Challenge

March 1 - Deadline to file Official Registration Documents and Fees.
(1) Mail the hard copy of the registration documents to: Solar Car Challenge Foundation, 3505 Cassidy Drive, Plano, TX 75023. The registration envelope must be postmarked no later than March 1st.
(2) Email the digital copy to
Use a Word or pdf format. Google documents will not be accepted.
(3) See what must be included in the Official Registration Packet (below).

June 15 - Deadline to submit your solar car vehicle liability insurance certificate.
This can be emailed to

June 15 - Deadline to submit digital copy of Team Scrapbook required by Rule 3.9.
The scrapbook must be in pdf format. [See guidelines below]
Send to

July 10 - Team Check-in at the DFW Marriott & Golf Club, Fort Worth, Texas
The Team Adviser and Team Captain(s) will be there for registration.

July 10 - All Team Meeting & Drivers Meeting - Ballroom of the DFW Marriott & Golf Club [All persons taking part in the Race must attend the All Team Meeting]

Clarification of Rule 3.8

Rule 3.8 provides that solar cars must be designed and constructed by high school students on the solar car team. The major components of the vehicle (frame, body, solar array, battery compartment, motor mount, drive system, electrical system, suspension, running gear, and lighting system) must be designed and constructed completely by the students.

Off-the-shelf components (e.g., wheel hubs, brake calipers, power trackers, motors, motor controllers, suspension/steering components, wheels, etc.) may be used as long as the selection of these components was made exclusively by the students. No portion of another vehicle’s frame may be reused in a solar car.

Several teams have inquired if they could use another team’s old solar car frame, or automotive frames. This would not be allowed under Rule 3.8. The frame must be the high school team's own design and construction.

Team Scrapbook Guidelines

Rule 3.9: Scrapbook - As evidence that solar cars are designed and constructed by high school students, teams must maintain a scrapbook showing students working on all phases of the solar car project, including planning, design, CAD, fundraising, building, and testing the solar car. Teams shall submit a digital copy of the scrapbook no later than June 15th. Teams must submit a hard copy of the scrapbook at Team Check-In.

  1. Teams will email a digital copy of their Scrapbook to no later than June 15th, 2024.

  2. The scrapbook must be submitted in a pdf format so that multiple judges can have easy access to the document. Google documents will not be accepted.

  3. The Scrapbook will be divided into two Sections:
    1. Section One: showing students working on all phases of the solar car project, including the planning, design, CAD, fundraising, building, and testing.
    2. Section Two: showing students design and engineering decisions through both narrative and photographs. Engineering decision-making is the cornerstone of your solar car project. The Judges will want to see documentation showing your engineering challenges and how you resolved those issues.

      We understand that your decisions are often limited by budget, resource availability, and time for construction. The Judges will want you to explain these decisions both in your scrapbook as well as during your team’s oral presentation.

  4. The digital Scrapbook will become the property of the Solar Car Challenge Foundation, and will become part of your official team documentation.

Liability Insurance

Rule 8.8 requires teams provide Liability Insurance for solar cars. A certificate of insurance must be provided no later than June 15th. Please email your liability insurance certificate to

I want to encourage teams to begin reaching out to your local Insurers, or working with your School’s Business Office. In many cases, a School District will include your solar car under their overall umbrella vehicle insurance policy.

Alternatively, teams have worked with the Frederickson Insurance Agency in Dallas to help teams secure a general liability insurance policy. Please contact Melinda Carey at the Frederikson Agency for more information (

The Solar Car Challenge receives absolutely no benefit from your utilizing the services of the Frederikson Agency.

The Official Registration Packet must include the following:

  1. Check for Registration Fee and Racing Fee. These fees can be included in one check made payable to the Solar Car Challenge Foundation.
  2. Complete, detailed mechanical CAD drawings showing the structure of the vehicle. The mechanical drawings must include:
    • Crush Zones
    • Frame Structure
    • Location of Major Components (motor, controller, battery, array)
    • Notional driver in formal driving position
    • Three views with dimensions (front, side, top)
    • Dimensions must be labeled on each drawing.
    • The safety cell and crush zones must be explicitly labeled, and include both horizontal and vertical dimensions.
    • Dimensions for the height of the roll bar and between the driver’s head and the bottom of the roll bar
  3. Detailed Electrical Schematic showing the electrical layout of the vehicle. This must include both the main propulsions system (solar array, motor, motor controller, power tracker, switches) and the supplemental system (lights, horn, fans, etc.)
  4. Email a hi-res digital official team photo to
  5. Manufacturer’s data sheets for batteries showing voltage per battery, capacity per battery, weight of each battery, and its chemistry type (lead-acid or lithium iron phosphate. If batteries are lithium iron phosphate, be sure to include a data sheet for the battery management system. Lead Acid battery data sheets must show capacity at a 20-hour discharge rate.
  6. Manufacturer’s data sheets for Solar Cells (including efficiency rating, the number of watts per cell, and the list price of each solar cell.
  7. Manufacturer’s data sheets for the following:
    • Motor and Motor Controller
    • Brakes and Braking System
    • Steering/Suspension
    • Wheels
    • Cut-off Switches
    • Fuse