Solar Car Challenge Event Update 2023-3

2023 Cross-Country Solar Car Race
The detailed 2023 Race Route will be emailed this week to teams filing an Intent-to-Race Form. Please note that this is a preliminary race route and could be slightly modified if road conditions change prior to the July racing event.

Details for Lodging along the race route will be emailed to teams filing their Official Registration Documents March 1st.

EarthX Display
Our biggest opportunity to display solar cars takes place at EarthX scheduled April 21-23 at Dallas’ Fair Park. Hundreds of thousands of people attend this event. You are invited to bring your solar car and set up a display to help promote your team at this outstanding event. We will have a small area to actually drive the solar cars for the delight of onlookers!

Participating teams will receive a $500 stipend and a travel allowance based on their driving distance to Dallas Fair Park. The first ten teams will be guaranteed a display opportunity. Please confirm your participation to

Welding Workshop
Wylie East High School Solar Car Team is hosting a Welding Workshop Saturday, February 4th at their high school. The workshop is planned for 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM and will include: (1) Welding safety; (2) Basics of mig welding on steel & aluminum; (3) Hands-on session; and (4) Fabrication basics (CNC plasma cutting, saddle cuts, bending and shaping metal). Please contact Tony Roseberry to confirm your participation

Clarification of Rule 3.8
Rule 3.8 provides that solar cars must be designed and constructed by high school students on the solar car team. The major components of the vehicle (frame, body, solar array, battery compartment, motor mount, drive system, electrical system, suspension, running gear, and lighting system) must be designed and constructed completely by the students.

Off-the-shelf components (e.g., wheel hubs, brake calipers, power trackers, motors, motor controllers, suspension/steering components, wheels, etc.) may be used as long as the selection of these components was made exclusively by the students. No portion of another vehicle’s frame may be reused in a solar car.

Several teams have inquired if they could use another team’s old solar car frame, or automotive frames. This would not be allowed under Rule 3.8. The frame must be the high school team's own design and construction.