Solar Car Challenge Event Update 2024-2

Race Dates
The dates for the 2024 Solar Car Challenge are now published in the Event Calendar

Please take the time NOW to stress with your students, teachers, and families that everyone needs to be at Team Check-In scheduled for Wednesday, July 10th. It is also crucial that everyone attend the All Teams Meeting that evening.

2024 Race Fees
The non-refundable Registration & Racing fee must accompany the registration packet due March 1, 2024.

Registration Fee $1,500
Racing Fee
The Solar Car Challenge pays this fee to the Texas Motor Speedway for use of the speedway. This fee applies to each vehicle entered into the Racing Event.
Health Fee
New this year, this fee applies to every member of the team (students, teachers, chaperones). This fee will pay for a COVID/Flu health check administered at Team Check-In, and provides for additional medical staff throughout the racing event. [Payable at Team Check-In]
Additional Team Member Fee
Teams are provided 14 free sets of credentials. These credentials are required for admission to the garage and pit row areas. Teams bringing more than 14 people will be assessed a fee of $150 per person. [Payable at Team Check-In]
Late Arrival Fee
Our lawyers and insurance underwriters require race participants attend events scheduled on Team Check-In Day. Every year, we have requests for people to arrive late. For this reason, we will allow persons to arrive late this year, but they will have to pay $250 and watch an hour safety film before receiving credentials.
Awards Banquet Tickets
The Opening Banquet will be free to all participants in the 2023 Solar Car Challenge. Tickets for the 2024 Awards Banquet are $35/person if purchased by June 15, 2024. Tickets purchased after June 15, 2024 are $45/person.

Race Insurance
Rule 8.8 requires teams provide a certificate of liability insurance for participation in the Solar Car Challenge. Even though our good friends at the Frederiksen Agency help provide a basic insurance, the Solar Car Challenge Foundation strongly encourages all teams to start work now to secure coverage under your school’s insurance policy, or from a local insurance provider.