Solar Car Challenge Event Update 2023-5

Liability Insurance
Rule 8.8 requires teams provide Liability Insurance for solar cars. A certificate of insurance must be provided no later than June 1st. Please email your liability insurance certificate to [A sample certificate is attached]

We have traditionally worked with the Frederickson Insurance Agency in Dallas to help teams secure liability insurance. They recently informed us that their previous Insurer may not be willing to write this kind of insurance this year. The Frederickson Agency is searching for another Insurer, and will let us know the results within the next few weeks.

With this in mind, I want to encourage teams to begin reaching out to your local Insurers, or working with your School’s Business Office. In many cases, a School District will include your solar car under their overall umbrella vehicle insurance policy.

Rule 5.4.3(d) Clarification
Rule 5.4.3(d) provides: Battery boxes must be located within the crush zones as defined in Section 5.2.3. As such, battery boxes must not be located at the front of the vehicle frame. We are clarifying this Rule to mean that the battery box cannot be located in front of the driver.

Official Race Registration Packet Checklist
The Official Registration Packet is due no later than March 1st. Please use the Registration Checklist as your guide.


  1. Use the Official Registration Document [Attached to this email]

  2. Solar Car Teams must file two sets of reports and data sheets:

    Hard Copy Registration
    1. The Official Registration Packet must be postmarked no later than March 1, 2023. Please mail this packet to: Solar Car Challenge Foundation, 3505 Cassidy Drive, Plano, Texas 75023.
    2. The team’s official packet must include a check for $3,000 to pay for the Registration and Racing Fees. Teams will be fined $250 for submitting late registration fees, and may be disqualified.

    Digital Copy Registration
    1. The Official Registration Packet must also be emailed to no later than March 1, 2023.

    2. The digital copy must be in Word or pdf format. Packets sent as Google documents will NOT be accepted.

  3. The Official Registration Packet must include the following:

    1. Complete, detailed mechanical CAD drawings showing the structure of the vehicle. The mechanical drawings must include:
      • Crush Zones
      • Frame Structure
      • Location of Major Components (motor, controller, battery, array)
      • Notional driver in formal driving position
      • Three views with dimensions (front, side, top)
      • Dimensions must be labeled on each drawing.
      • The safety cell and crush zones must be explicitly labeled, and include both horizontal and vertical dimensions.
      • Dimensions for the height of the roll bar and between the driver’s head and the bottom of the roll bar

    2. Detailed Electrical Schematic showing the electrical layout of the vehicle. This must include both the main propulsions system (solar array, motor, motor controller, power tracker, switches) and the supplemental system (lights, horn, fans, etc.)

    3. Email a hi-res digital official team photo to

    4. Manufacturer’s data sheets for batteries showing voltage per battery, capacity per battery, weight of each battery, and its chemistry type (lead-acid or lithium iron phosphate. If batteries are lithium iron phosphate, be sure to include a data sheet for the battery management system. Lead Acid battery data sheets must show capacity at a 20-hour discharge rate.

    5. Manufacturer’s data sheets for Solar Cells (including efficiency rating, the number of watts per cell, and the list price of each solar cell.

    6. Manufacturer’s data sheets for the following:
      • Motor and Motor Controller
      • Brakes and Braking System
      • Steering
      • Wheels
      • Cut-off Switches
      • Fuse