Solar Car Challenge Event Update 2024-7

Preparing Your Team for the 2024 Solar Car Challenge
In an effort to help your team prepare for the 2024 Solar Car Challenge, we make the following recommendations:

  1. Make sure you arrive at the race with a fully functional solar car. Teams are required to have their vehicles ready for Scrutineering at 8:00 AM on Thursday, July 11th. Teams not ready for qualifying will receive a penalty.

  2. Make sure you have thoroughly test-driven your vehicle prior to your arrival at the race, and that all team drivers have experience driving that solar car.

  3. Invite your team to review the video entitled "A Typical Day at the Solar Car Challenge"

  4. Invite your team to see the 2006 Solar Car Challenge Video at the Texas Motor Speedway. This will give your team a real sense of what itís like to race over the four days of the event:

  5. Make sure your team has thoroughly reviewed the Scrutineering Booklet before you get to the Race. Ask your team to simulate Scrutineering by practice answering every question set out in the Scrutineering Booklet.

  6. Invite your team to thoroughly review the Navigating Scrutineering Page on the Solar Car Challenge website:

  7. Make sure your team has studied the Policies & Procedures for the Race.

  8. Make sure your team has all the necessary documents and parent signatures before Team Check-In Wednesday, July 10th.
    1. Solar Car Challenge Release of Liability
    2. Texas Motor Speedway Release of Liability Forms (Adult or Minor)
    3. Guidelines for Photographing/Filming
    4. Hard copy of Team Driversí Licenses

  9. Make sure you have the hard copy of your Team Scrapbook ready to turn in when you walk through the door at Team Check-In. The scrapbook is your "ticket for admission".

  10. Make sure your team has practiced their Oral Presentation so that it is well prepared, addresses your engineering decisions, and does not exceed the eight minutes allocated to each team. (See Event Update No. 2024-6)

  11. Remember that only students can take part in the Scrutineering Process . . . not advisers or mentors. Make sure students have a complete copy of their Team Registration Packet for use during the Scrutineering Process, and that they are well acquainted with its contents. Judges may ask students to provide supporting documentation.