Solar Car Challenge Event Update 2024-6

Policies & Procedures for Closed Track Race
Several solar car teams have inquired about the Policies & Procedures for the 2024 Solar Car Challenge closed-track event at the Texas Motor Speedway. We are attaching this yearís Procedures Document. They are a part of the Official Rules for the 2024 Race.

Scrutineering for the 2024 Solar Car Challenge
We invite teams to thoroughly review the Navigating Scrutineering Page on the Solar Car Challenge website: Teams will be expected to answer all the questions set out in the Sample Scrutineering Sheet section.

Teams should also review the Scrutineering videos set out on the Solar Car Challenge YouTube Channel Page:

Team Profiles Page
The updated Team Profiles Page has been posted on the Solar Car Challenge website. Please make sure that we have all the information needed to complete your listing, including a high-resolution photo: Please address any corrections to

Registration Status Page
Race Judges and Staff are reviewing team registration packets submitted March 1 st . We will be posting a special Registration Status Page to help teams better understand what documents are missing or need clarification. This Registration Status Page will be on the Solar Car Challenge Website within the next few days.

Teams will also be receiving an email from the Race Director discussing the status of the teamís registration documents, and specifically requesting supplementation if needed.

Please remember that your Registration Packet will be utilized by Scrutineering Judges to qualify you for participation in this yearís event. Please be sure to keep us informed if you make changes to your registration packet prior to June 1 st . The information submitted in your packet forms the basis for the Official Race Booklet. Updates should be sent to

We recommend that teams bring their own copy of their registration packet to Scrutineering. This will assist students respond to questions during the process.

Team Oral Presentation Guidelines
Rule 3.10: Oral Presentation - Teams shall prepare an oral presentation describing their solar car project. The team will have up to 8 minutes to give a full statement about the teamís project. Teams will be graded based on whether the presentation gave a full statement about the teamís project and engineering decisions made, whether all team members participated, whether the presentation was well prepared and rehearsed, whether the team was able to speak without the use of notes, whether the team used visual aids, and whether the teamís digital scrapbook adequately showcases the teamís progress and development of the vehicle. Teams will be awarded up to 20 laps for the quality of their oral presentation, team scrapbook, and registration packet These points will be awarded after the team qualifies for the event. Penalties received during the event cannot affect "forever" laps.

  1. Teams will "draw a number" at Team Check-In. This number will make the following determinations:
    1. The number determines the Official Starting Order on the 1st Day of Racing
    2. The number determines the teamís Garage Bay location
    3. The number determines the teamís Pit Row location
    4. The time for your Oral Presentation
  2. Teams will receive email feedback sharing the Race Directorís comments about your oral presentation.
  3. Teams must be prepared to give a well-organized oral presentation. Topics to be included within the presentation:
    1. Overview of major segments of their solar car project including planning, design, budgeting, fundraising, engineering, construction, vehicle testing, etc.
    2. How is the team organized? How often did you meet?
    3. What are unique aspects of your solar car design or project?
    4. An explanation of your engineering decisions
  4. Grading Criteria:
    1. Did the oral presentation give a full statement about the teamís project?
    2. Did the team explain their engineering decisions? For example, battery placement, array design, metal selection, body covering, etc.
    3. Did the team have documentation supporting their engineering decisions?
    4. Did all team members participate?
    5. Was the presentation well prepared and rehearsed?
    6. Was the team able to speak without the use of notes?
    7. Did the team use visual aids?
    8. Did the teamís scrapbook adequately support the teamís oral presentation?
    9. Did the teamís registration packet supply all the required documentation?
  5. Teams will be awarded "forever" laps ranging from 0 to 20 laps. Results will be posted on the door of the Texas Motor Speedway Media Center by 10:00 AM on Sunday, July 14th.

(1) The spectator section of the Texas Motor Speedway is not open to the public, however, each team is allowed to send two "spotters" into the stands to provide driving information to their team. These spotters are escorted over to the stands at 8:45 AM and 1:45 PM. Once in the stands, spotters cannot exit across the race track (for safety reasons).

(2) Team visitors and families will be able to view the race from pit row. Team visitors and families are required to follow the same safety guidelines applied to the teams. This includes the wearing of wide-brimmed hats, wearing closed-toe shoes, and not sitting or placing objects on the white pit-row wall.

(3) The Photography Guidelines apply to Team Visitors and Families.