Event Update No. 2021-2: Race Announcements


  1. All teams registered for the 2020 Solar Car Challenge are registered for the 2021 Solar Car Challenge, but you must file an Intent-to-Race Form to confirm your interest in this summerís racing event.
    Teams having filed a 2021 Intent-to-Race Form are noted on the Team Profiles Page: https://www.solarcarchallenge.org/challenge/teams2021.shtml

  2. All teams registered for the 2020 Solar Car Challenge do not have to refile their registration packet, BUT you must complete a new 2021 Official Registration Document found at https://www.solarcarchallenge.org/challenge/forms.shtml. Your registration must include a copy of your latest Mechanical Drawing.

  3. Teams must file their 2021 Official Registration Document no later than April 30th. That means a hard copy of your Official Registration Document must be in the hands of Foundation Staff no later than April 30, 2021. Documents received after April 30th will be discarded.

  4. Filing your 2021 Official Registration Document tells race officials you actually intend to race at the 2021 Solar Car Challenge.

  5. If you are intending to enter a second solar car in the 2021 Solar Car Challenge, and have not previously registered this second car in 2020, the team must file a new complete registration packet for that second vehicle no later than March 1st.
    [Follow the guidelines set out in Rule 3.6]

  6. The Texas Motor Speedway has hosted the Solar Car Challenge for over fifteen years, but with the loss of business due to the pandemic, they will not be able to fully cover the costs for the speedway. To help meet these expenses, the SCC is instituting a $300 racing fee per team. Teams with more than one car will only pay one racing fee. This racing fee must be included with your hard copy of the 2021 Official Registration Document. [Check payable to Texas Motor Speedway]


  1. Teams will not make in-person Oral Presentations required by Rule 3.10. Teams must video their oral presentation and submit it to the Solar Car Challenge no later than June 1, 2021. The video will show the full team making their presentation under the same conditions as if they were making the presentation in front of a panel of judges.
    Important Note: The video will be one single recording without edits, titles, or special effects, unless these are actually a part of the student presentation. Oral Presentation Videos must be sent to video@solarcarchallenge.org

  2. The infield will be limited to just the team, registered advisers, judges, and race staff. All others will be directed to the Texas Motor Speedway grand stands.

  3. Families and guests seeking to bring food and treats to the teams will have to leave them at the Front Gate. Teams will be notified about the delivery.

  4. There will be no group meals at the end of first, second, and third race days. This is to help promote team distancing. Teams may leave the speedway for meals, but will be re-checked when they arrive back at the Front Gate. We are still making plans for an Awards Banquet.

  5. The Racing Event is based on teams being limited to a total of 14 people (students and advisers). In the past, teams have been required to pay an additional fee for staff above this 14-count. This will not be the case this year because only solar car team students and registered team advisers will be allowed in the Speedway Infield.

  6. Teams will be required to complete their official Check-In registration online. The Race Director will send guidelines after the April 30th cut-off date.

  7. Teams will be required to participate in a ZOOM call that will take the place of the All Team Meeting and the Driverís Meeting. These meetings always precede the racing event. Team advisers must affirm that all team members took part in these two required sessions. Details will be posted as we get closer to race time.

  8. Teams will still have to buy tickets to the Awards Banquet. This must be done in advance. Requests for banquet tickets must be received with your April 30th 2021 Official Registration Document. Banquet tickets will be mailed back to teams.
    Ticket Prices: $25/person when filed with registration document; $100/person at the door.

  9. Teams unable to race in 2021 due to COVID-19 limitations will be allowed to carry over their registration & fee to 2022.

  10. The Race Date: Scrutineering begins Friday, July 16th; Racing begins Monday, July 19 and ends Thursday, July 22nd.

  11. Teams seeking to stay at the DFW Marriott & Golf Club, the Official Event Hotel, have a special link for registration within our "block" of rooms. https://www.marriott.com/event-reservations/reservation-link.mi?id=1611852735401&key=GRP&app=resvlink


All teams will be required to include an Updated Mechanical Drawing with their 2021 Official Registration Document. This drawing will show the latest rendering of your solar car from the front, side, and top perspective.

The BEST Mechanical Drawings in each Racing Division will receive a $500 prize. A second place prize will be offered in the amount of $250. Prizes are sponsored by Siemens.

We will be checking to see that you labeled your crush zones.

Solar Car Challenge and COVID-19

The Solar Car Challenge is working on a COVID-19 strategy to help keep students, teachers, and staff safe during the 2021 Solar Car Challenge.

  • Pre-Race Health Forms submitted prior to arriving at Race (Mayo Clinic Protocol)
  • Daily Health Screening of everyone entering the TMS infield. Persons leaving and re-entering the speedway will have to be rechecked.
  • Exclusion of Visitors and Guests from the infield
  • Requirement for wearing a masks (similar to requirement for wearing a hat)
  • Broad availability of hand-washing and sanitizing stations
  • Availability of quick COVID testing
  • Garage arrangements to maximize healthy distancing
  • No community food service except for Awards Banquet
  • Persons testing positive cannot be quarantined in the event hotel
  • EMT and Security Staff will be present in the Speedway Infield

COVID-19 Planning will be finalized by April 30, 2021.