Solar Car Challenge Video Update

Good Afternoon Solar Car Teams

I want to thank everyone for your emails and photos during these troubled times. So many of our teams are "locked-out" of their projects due to school closures. I understand this pandemic has upset all of our building/testing schedules.

First, I want to re-invite teams to submit a video sharing their Oral Presentation that was originally due July 18th for this year's Solar Car Challenge. This video is intended to help teams establish a goal, as well as develop a fundraising tool for the 2021 race.

This video is not required, but we highly recommend that you make a video because it gives you a way to stay in contact with the Solar Car Challenge Judges and Staff. We will also be awarding cash prizes within each Solar Car Division. This is our incentive to help teams start focusing on the 2021 Race.

Second, we are pushing back the video submission deadline to September 30th. Hopefully, teams will have greater access to their solar car projects by this time. You can always submit your video early to

Third, we are planning a New Teams Workshop on Saturday, September 12th, and a Specialty Workshop January 16-17, 2021. This is subject to change based on health conditions at that time. If we can not have an "in-person" workshops, we will have virtual workshops.

Fourth, Solar Car Challenge Staff are developing new online workshops and resources to help support your project. We will have more details this summer.

Please give my best wishes to you great team.

Best regards,
Dr. Lehman Marks
Solar Car Challenge Foundation