EVENT UPDATE NO. 2020-3: Liability Insurance

Rule 8.8: Liability Insurance - Teams must submit proof of liability insurance on their solar car during the scrutineering process. No solar car will be able to participate in Scrutineering or the Race without a current solar car liability insurance certificate.

Teams are encouraged to send their insurance certificate by June 1st so that we can make sure that you have adequate coverage. A sample insurance certificate is attached.

Many teams will be able to secure liability insurance through their school district. Alternatively, we have developed an opportunity for you to secure liability insurance through a Dallas Insurance Company.

Frederiksen & Frederiksen Insurance, 2900 Preston Road, Suite 500 Dallas, TX 75230 (972) 387-8646 / fax (972) 991-9307 www.fredandfred.com

If interested, please contact Mark Frederikson at mark@fredandfred.com.

The Solar Car Challenge is in no way connected to Frederiksen & Frederiksen, and receives no benefit from your purchase of insurance through this outstanding agency. We provide this information only to help your team be prepared for the Race.

Sample Liability Insurance Coverage.pdf