Women's Air Corp Service Patrol (WASP)
Ballard Memorial High School
Barlow, Kentucky
Robert Sterling and Carolyn Stowell, Team Advisors
Classic Division

Team Data
Team Captains Kayla Osborne
Paige Summers
Team Members Kayla Osborne
Paige Summers
Kaytelynne Duncan
Brylee Blankenship
Maddie Stowell
Abby Hargrove
Molly Harris
Reagan Hawkins
Kaylee Cox
Kinsey Cox
Zoe Dillworth
Riley Dunn
Vehicle Name Miss Fifinella

Vehicle Data
Vehicle Length 4.5 m
Vehicle Width 1.6 m
Vehicle Height 1.5 m
Vehicle Weight
(without driver)
450 kg
Batteries 4 Paducah R24DC Batteries
42.4 lbs, 80 Ah per battery
Solar Cells Model: Panasonic VBHN330SA17 Panels
Number of cells: 4 panels
Length: 4.5 m
Width: 1.6 m
Efficiency: 19.7%
Overall size: 7.2 m²
Brakes Type 1: Hydraulic Disk Brakes [front]
Type 2: Hydraulic Disk Brake [rear]
Motor Motenergy ME0709
8 hp (continuous)