Kentucky Solar Cats
Bath County High School
Owingsville, Kentucky
Brian Coleman and Ricky Prater, Team Advisors
Classic Division

Team Data
Team Captains Maynard Reinhardt
Dakota Davis
Team Members Dakota Davis
Maynard Reinhardt
Devin Matthews
Samuel Bodine
Miles Saunders
Stacy Bonot
Noah Rogers
Jordan Tuttle
Vehicle Name Appalachian Spirit
Web Site

Vehicle Data
Vehicle Length 4.94 m
Vehicle Width 1.71 m
Vehicle Height 1.38 m
Vehicle Weight
(without driver)
392 kg
Batteries 4 Mighty Max ML 75-12 Batteries
48.5 lbs, 77 Ah per battery
Solar Cells Model: Silfab SLA310M Panels
Number of cells: 5 panels
Length: 4.94 m
Width: 1.65 m
Efficiency: 19%
Overall size: 8.15 m²
Brakes Type 1: Hydraulic Disk Brakes [front]
Type 2: Hydraulic Disk Brake [front]
Motor Motenergy ME0909
4 hp (continuous)