The Solar Cats
Western High School
Davie, Florida
Derek Hicks, Team Advisor
Classic Division

Team Data
Team Captain Wilmer Franco
Brandon Abin
Team Members Brandon Abin - Captain, Driver, Mechanical Lead, Public Relations
Wilmer A. Franco - Captain, Program Manager and Driver
Antonio Garrido - Telemetry, Navigator, Route Analytics, Maintenance, Pit-Crew
Gabriela Lopez - Public Relations Manager, Fundraising, Blogs
Samuel Canet - Test Engineer, Weather, Terrain, Navigator
John Ayala - Electrical Lead
Ethan Kaplan - Safety Officer
Fernando De Achurra - Mechanical (Drive and Structural), Pit Crew
Sebastian Moncayo - Driver, Pit-Crew
Christian Campos - Pit-Crew, Tools/Parts/Maintenance, Safety
Thomas Cardenas - Website, Pit-Crew
Colin Adams - Benchmarking, Scouting, Maintenance Crew
Vehicle Name Solar Cat V2

Vehicle Data
Vehicle Length 5 m
Vehicle Width 1.8 m
Vehicle Height 1.6 m
Vehicle Weight
(without driver)
315 kg
Batteries 4 Outback Power 106NC Batteries
69 lbs, 100 Ah per battery
Solar Cells Model: Gioco Solutions GSC 95 panels
Length: 0.89 m per panel
Width: 0.68 m per panel
Number of cells: 14 panels
Efficiency: 16.22%
Overall size: 8.47 m²
Brakes Type 1: Hydraulic Disc Brakes [front]
Type 2: Hydraulic Disc Brake [rear]
Motor PERM PMG-132
19.1 hp