Palmdale HS Solar Falcons Race Team

Palmdale High School
Palmdale, California
Antek Ignatowicz, Team Advisor
Classic Division

Team Data
Team Captains Tiana Brandon
Yulissa Lemus
Team Members Tiana Brandon
Hector Salinas
Bryan Alcantara
Alexis Alcantara
James Myers
Yulissa Lemus
Gabriela Aras
Salvador Aguilar
Oscar Guzman
Wyatt Garcia
Nathan Corliss
Emily Cooksey
Andrew Cruz
Gary Moody
Vehicle Name The Solar Falcon
Web Site

Vehicle Data
Vehicle Length 4.5 m
Vehicle Width 1.6 m
Vehicle Height 1.5 m
Vehicle Weight
(without driver)
500 kg
Batteries Six Concorde Extender 690T Batteries
51 lbs, 69 Ah per battery
Solar Cells Cell Manufacturer: Panasonic HIT-240
Number of cells: 6 panels
Length: 4.8 m
Width: 1.6 m
Efficiency: 19%
Overall size: 7.7 m²
Brakes Type 1: Dual Disk [front]
Type 2: Mechanical Drum [rear]
Motor Motenergy ME1012
13.2 hp (continuous)