Oregon Solar Car Team

Trinity Lutheran School
Bend, Oregon
Thomas Stueve, Team Advisor

Team Data
Team Captain Andrea Anaya
Team Members Josh Cheney
Erienne McCray
Alex Uldricks
Nathan Schouw
Vehicle Name Heliocentric
Web Site http://oregonsolarteam.org

Vehicle Data
Vehicle Length 3.0 m
Vehicle Width 1.8 m
Vehicle Height 1.3 m
Vehicle Weight 130 kg
Batteries Two Optima - Troll Fury Batteries
90 lbs per battery
Solar Cells Cell Manufacturer: Solar World Sunmodule 175
Number of cells: 3 panels
Length: 1.63 m
Width: 0.81 m
Overall size: 5.28 meters squared
Efficiency: 13.85%
Brakes Type 1: MCP [front]
Type 2: Yamaha [rear]
Motor Briggs and Stratton E-tek
15 hp max