New Britain High School
New Britain, Connecticut
John Ouelette and Tom Menditto, Team Advisors

Team Data
Team Captains Lien La
Dylan Yott
Team Members Abel Anthony
Sandra Cygler
Michal Kandybowicz
Christopher Leon
Jonathan Leon
Xiao Jie Li
Ian Martin
Michael Moustakakis
Paul Poidomani
Faras Sadig
Daniel Skiba
Shaun Smith
Quyen Tran
Alicja Urbanczyk
Vehicle Name Sol-Mobile
Web Site

Vehicle Data
Vehicle Length 4.0 m
Vehicle Width 1.83 m
Vehicle Height 1.52 m
Vehicle Weight
(without driver)
TBD kg
Batteries Nine Power Sonic Batteries
30.5 lbs per battery
Solar Cells Cell Manufacturer: Sanyo HIP-200BA3
Number of cells: 3 panels
Length: 51.9"
Width: 35.2"
Overall size: 3.54 meters squared
Efficiency: 19.7% cell, 17.0% module
Brakes Type 1: Hydraulic Disk Brakes [front]
Type 2: Hydraulic Disk Brakes [rear]
Motor Briggs & Stratton Etek
12 hp peak, 2.7 hp continuous