High Desert Racers

Mineral County High School
Hawthorne, Nevada
Criss Bartley, Team Advisor

Team Data
Team Captain Chastyn Ruch
Team Members Arielle Goalen
Jovan Ignatich
Vehicle Name Cecil

Vehicle Data
Vehicle Length 5.0 m
Vehicle Width 1.6 m
Vehicle Height 1.7 m
Vehicle Weight 500 kg
Batteries Four Interstate Batteries
Solar Cells Cell Manufacturer: Sharp NT-175U1
Number of cells: 6 panels
Length: 1.60 m per panel
Width: 0.83 m per panel
Overall size: 8.00 square meters
Efficiency: 14%
Brakes Type 1: Disc Brakes [front]
Type 2: Drum Brakes [rear]
Motor Briggs and Stratton E-tek
1-9 hp