Houston Solar Race Team II

Houston Vocational Center
Houston, Mississippi
Beverly James & Keith Reese, Team Advisors

Team Data
Team Captain Stefanie Barkley
Team Members Leigh Springer
Andrea Westmoreland
Lakin Hillhouse
Matthew Jernigan
David Peel
Lance Whitworth
Blake McCoy
Patrick Pearson
Ericka Meddlers
Roderick Wiley
Tyler Davis
Caleb Alford
Ty Stroup
T.K. Hollingsworth
Vehicle Name Sundancer II

Vehicle Data
Vehicle Length 4.09 m
Vehicle Width 1.98 m
Vehicle Height 0.48 m
Vehicle Weight
(without driver)
340 kg
Batteries Nine Power Sonic Batteries
30.5 pounds per battery
Solar Cells Cell Manufacturer: Solarex SX 30V
Number of cells: 720 cells
Length: 4.09 m
Width: 1.98 m
Overall size: 7.52 meters squared
Efficiency: 14%
Brakes Type 1: Hydraulic Disk Brakes on front wheels
Type 2: Hydraulic Disk Brakes on rear wheels
Motor Briggs and Stratton [E-Tek]
8 hp