The NFA Solar Racing Team

Newburgh Free Academy
Newburgh, New York
Christopher W. Eachus and Lee Cabe, Team Advisors

Team Data
Team Captain Christopher LeRoy
Team Members Mark Lucera
Jessica Marshall
Trystan Madison
Caitlin Melvin
Matthew Terbush
Vehicle Name J-Bird

Vehicle Data
Vehicle Length 3.59 m
Vehicle Width 1.74 m
Vehicle Height 1.0 m
Batteries Two Tysonic TY-12-55
40.45 pounds per battery
Solar Cells Cell Manufacturer: SunWize Technologies
Number of cells: 160 cells
Length: 2.33 m
Width: 1.74 m
Overall size: 2.79 meters squared
Efficiency: 16%
Brakes Type 1: Aria Drum Brakes [front]
Type 2: Friction Brake [rear]
Motor Briggs and Stratton [E-Tek]
6 hp