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Today's race day was very uneventful, which is always good. No breakdowns or penalties, only solid racing. We pulled our driver, Colon, out of the car after an hour and a half, but that was because of a leg cramp. The car's short design requires us to pull our leg back if we want to reach the petals. We also had some problems with the air horn, but it was nothing debilitating. Today we finished fourth in our division with 33 laps in the third session (afternoon of the second day) and 85 laps in the entire race.
- Walnut High School Solar Car Team

The Hunt-Winston School Solar Car Challenge is unique in the world in that is the only high school solar car race, it is also the most frequently occurring race. This race is a good environment for high school students because they only have to compete against other high school students. Many cars that compete in other solar car races cost in excess of $100,000 where as nearly all of the solar cars in the Hunt-Winston School Solar Car Challenge were built for under $20,00. It is because of this level field that makes this race so inviting to so many high schools. High school teams also compete differently, than compared to college and corporate teams. High school teams biggest technological concern is the solar cells. The more expensive universities' and corporations' cars must take many factors in to account: aerodynamics, weight, battery type, etc, but the high schools are allowed to focus on a very few aspects of solar cars
- Leah

The Winston Solar Car team did pretty good today in Scrutineering. Our biggest challenge was understanding the judges in Station 4( Emergency Egress), the driver would be driving the solar car down the slalom, and the judge would run up yelling and screaming at him in German or Spanish, telling him to get out of the car. The Emergency Egress ensures that each driver can exit the solar car in under 15 seconds in case of an emergency on the speedway.
- Eric, Advisor of The Winston Solar Car Team

The intern judges met today to discuss the logistics of the Hunt-Winston School Solar Car Challenge. We covered Scrutineering, the assessment of each solar car and its ability to meet the event's safety requirements, and the rules. Each intern judge is now better equipped to handle unexpected problems during the race.
- John Ready