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       In 1990, a group of seven young men agreed to start one of the first high school solar car teams. After months working on their project in the Learning Center hallway, Dr. Rita Sherbenou, Head of School, gave permission for the kids to build a "solar shed" on the back of the school. Learning to pour concrete, the kids built a foundation and raised a building that would house the solar project for 19 years. "I think the kids were as proud of the building as they were of their first solar car," said Dr. Marks. "They earned every penny that went into that building, and picked the coldest day of the year to build it. Great memories!"  
Solar Shed Construction Working in the Solar Shed Acclivus rolling chasis completed inside Solar Shed
       Now, with plans in progress for building the ninth solar car, the team is launching a new building funded through the efforts of the 2009 Winston School Solar Car Team, and the support of our new Head of School, Dr. Polly Peterson. The new Winston Solar Science Lab will have space for two solar cars, shop equipment, and a classroom. This is a giant leap forward for the team, but we will always remember and be grateful for that famous "solar shed" and all the dreams that were created there.  
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Winston Solar Science Lab
Winston Solar Science Lab
Winston Solar Science Lab

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