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2009 Winston Solar Challenge
2009      The Winston Solar Car Team received the Third Place Trophy at the 2009 Dell-Winston School Solar Car Challenge. Team members surround their solar car as they faced the grueling 108 degree temperatures at the Texas Motor Speedway.
2009 Reunion
2009      Sixty members of the Winston Solar Car Team, including present members, families, and alumni, assembled on Sunday, June 28th to share the 20th Anniversary of the team, and to celebrate the ground breaking for the new Winston Solar Science Lab. Every team was represented at the reunion.
The reunion raised over $800 through the Buy-a-Brick Program.
Solar Team Tests Car at Richland College
2009 Test      The Winston Solar team works on their car in preparation for the 2009 Dell-Winston School Solar Car Challenge. The team puts over 60 miles on the car each Sunday on the Richland College Parking Lot. Richland is a sponsor of the Winston Team.
Race Test and Bar-B-Q
2009      The Winston Solar Team tested its solar car on the Richland College parking lot simulating actual race-day conditions. The car exceeded all of our expectations. Possibly the best part of the day was the incredible bar-b-q picnic prepared by our wonderful Booster Club! Thank you for your wonderful support.
An End to an Era, A New Beginning
2009 Shed      On Thursday, June 4th, the Winston Solar Team brought an era of solar car building to a close when it moved out of the original "Solar Shed," built by the first Winston Solar Team in 1991. Eighteen years of memories will be gone when the old building is torn down in the next few days to make room for the new Winston Solar Science Lab.
Original Team Members names carved in concrete at the building:
Jon Stein, Jeremi Hall, Keith Plaskett, Andy White, Will Rogers, Brian Brooks, and Mike Jobe.
2009 Shed  
The new Winston Solar Car Team will lead the team into the 21st Century with a new Solar Science Lab, a new 2010 solar car, and an Australian Adventure in 2011, the World Solar Challenge.
2009 Shed  
Team Members: [left to right] Tres Hodge, Ben Thompson, James Martin, Bret Martin, Cameron McDonald, David Newton, Stephen Kadesky, Doc, T.J. Dailey, Neil Olney, Grace Foree, David Unfried, Wolfie Tregoning, and Devon Flynn.
2009 Junior Members Support Graduating Seniors
2009 Graduation      The junior members of the Winston Solar Car Team came out to support the Graduating Seniors on Thursday, May 21st. This has been a tradition for the last 18 years, and continues with enthusiastic support.
     This is the first year for graduating seniors to receive the coveted Winston Solar Science Academy recognition on their Graduation Diploma and transcript. The first recipients of this honor are: Bret Martin (Team Captain), David Newton (Captain of Mechanical), Grace Foree (Captain of Electrical), Stephen Kadesky (Captain of Transportation), and Jeff Rosenbaum (Co-Captain of Transportation).
Pictured left to right:
Tres Hodge, T.J. Dailey, Wolfie Tregonig, Cameron McDonald.

Those attending the ceremony, but not pictured:
Ben Thompson, David Unfried, Neil Olney. Ben Underhill.
2009 Senior Solar Member Graduation
2009 Race Test      The Solar Team celebrated the graduation of its seniors on Friday, May 15th. A special cake replicated their solar car, the Sun Hunter. The team is making plans for testing and evaluating a new solar array configuration.
Winston Solar Car Team Hosts Earth Day 2009
2009 Race Test      The Winston Solar Car Team hosted an Earth Day Celebration for the Winston Saturday Science Academy. Students from throughout the Metroplex attended the festivities on Saturday, April 25th. Presentations included outstanding shows by Snake Encounters and ONCOR Electric. The Solar Team showed off their solar car, demonstrated how a hydrogen fuel cell works, cooked solar oven cookies, and served hot dogs & ice cream.
     The Mission of the Winston Solar Car Team includes sharing the story of alternative energy with school kids, and to get them excited about science and engineering. A good time was had by all!
2009 Pre-Race Tests
2009 Race Test      The Winston Solar Team began a series of analytical tests to determine the best array/battery configuration for their solar car in preparation for the 2009 Dell-Winston School Solar Car Challenge. In spite of clouds and blustery weather, the team completed the first of a five full-day series of evaluations.
     Each benchmark test requires a fully charged car to drive six hours following the template of this summer's race. This is followed by two hours of array charging at the end of the day, coupled with an additional two hours the next morning. The end result is a realistic race model for that array/battery configuration.
     Today's test drive was complete with two flat tires, emergency test stops, continuous attention to detail, and Subway sandwiches. Maybe the most difficult part of the scenario was finding ways for the team members to make good use of their time when the car was actually "on-the-road."
Speech Expert Visits Winston Team
Jay Lentzsch      Cinematographer Jay Lentzsch visited with the Winston Solar Car Team on Wednesday, April 8th to stress the importance of speaking as a part of the solar car project. Jay, a former member of the Winston Team, is involved in several film projects.
     Jay discussed with the team the importance of "sharing your story" with the listeners, and the value of a prepared, conversational presentation. "You can not believe how important it is to enunciate your words and to have the correct posture during your presentation," said Lentzsch.
     The students practiced their Solar Team speeches in front of Mr. Lentzsch, and received constructive advice. They learned several valuable techniques to help develop better speaking habits.
     The team is so fortunate to have alumni return and share their enthusiasm and talents.

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