1998 Northview Solar Racing Team Electrical Schematics
This drawing describes all of the electrical components on the Valkyrie I, Northview's 1998 entry in the Winston Solar Challenge.

Click on thumbnail to enlarge image. Also available in: PDF format (47.7 KB)
AutoCAD LT 97 format (85.4 KB)

Documentation for E-Meter
Dimensions and instruction manual for the E-Meter, a state-of-charge meter manufactured by Cruising Equipment.

Click on picture for dimensions of the E-Meter.
Instruction manual available in
PDF format (451 KB)

Documentation for AERL Power Trackers
Contains documentation and technical schematics for AERL power trackers. In PDF format.
Documentation, page 1 (121 KB)
Documentation, page 2 (131 KB)
Technical Schematic (41.3 KB)

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William Shih, Northview Solar Racing Team
Last modified: September 2, 1998