Teams Pre-Scrutineering their Solar Cars

Good Morning Solar Car Teams!

I can't stress enough the importance of Pre-Scrutineering your solar car before you get to the Solar Car Challenge. Please check out the new link on our Home Page dedicated to Scrutineering:

FIRST: Be sure your read the Suggestions for Navigating Scrutineering. This will provide your team "key" advice on how to proceed through Scrutineering.

SECOND: Go through the Scrutineering Sheets with your Solar Car. Make sure you can successfully answer all questions set out in this document.

Doing this Pre-Check at home can save you a great deal of stress at Scrutineering! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at Team Check-In on Friday, July 13th at the DFW Marriott & Golf Club, Fort Worth, Texas.

Best regards,
Dr. Lehman Marks
Solar Car Challenge Foundation