Event Rules

Event Rules
2018 Rules
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For questions, please send an email to tech@solarcarchallenge.org, and event staff will reply as soon as possible. Questions applicable to the general audience may be submitted in the Rules Updates/Clarification list below, listed anonymously.

Information Systems Challenge
Information drives the modern world.  Wars are won and lost on information, businesses spend millions to find and process the right information that drives billion dollar decisions, and professional race teams scrutinize incredible amounts of data looking for thousands of seconds of advantage.

Information is no less important to solar car teams.  The Solar Car Challenge Foundation is offering a $1,000 prize to the team that submits the best paper, as judged by the Solar Car Challenge Staff on how your team gathers, processes, and uses information.

Announcement for the Information Systems Challenge (Word)
Information Systems in Solar Cars (PowerPoint)

Rules Updates
2017 Rules Updates and Clarifications (August 25, 2016)
Updates to 2016 Rules will continue to be made through the Event Update page. Any waiver, interpretation, or explanation issued prior to September 1, 2016 will be null and void. Teams are responsible for periodically checking the Event Update page: http://www.solarcarchallenge.org/challenge/updates.shtml