Event Updates

2019 Event Updates
Event Update No. 2019-9: Team Check In Schedule (June 13, 2019)
Event Update No. 2019-8: Where-to-Be What-to-Do Document (June 2, 2019)
Event Update No. 2019-7: Procedures for Closed Track Races (May 31, 2019)
Event Update No. 2019-6 (May 23, 2019)
Guidelines for Team Oral Presentations and Photographing/Filming the Solar Car Challenge.
Event Update No. 2019-5: Release of Liability Forms (April 12, 2019)
Reminder to provide the liability forms for the Solar Car Challenge and Texas Motor Speedway.
Event Update No. 2019-4: Team Check-In; Team Expenses; Team Attire and Solar Car Challenge Logo (March 31, 2019)
Event Update No. 2019-3: Digital Copy of Documents and Parts Offering (February 2019)
Reminder to send a digital copy of registration by email and donation of from Texas Tech to high school solar car teams.
Event Update No. 2019-2: Liability Insurance (February 14, 2019)
Reminder that liability insurance is required and an option for teams to secure liability insurance.
Event Update No. 2019-1 (January 25, 2019)
Updates to the criteria for entry in the Classic and Advanced Classic Divisions.

2018 Event Updates
Final Where-to-Be What-to-Do Document (July 4, 2018)
Oral Presentation Guidelines (July 2, 2018)
Solar Car Challenge: What to bring to Team Check-In (July 1, 2018)
A list of reminders for teams to attend important events and to bring particular documents to Team Check-In
PI-TOP Hardware and Applications (June 28, 2018)
Information on how to use the pi-top HELIOS boards, including a link to a video and Quick Start guide.
Event Update No. 12 - Team Check-In Times / Oral Presentation Times (June 27, 2018)
Event Update No. 11 - Cross-Country Race Procedure (June 24, 2018)
Teams Pre-Scrutineering their Solar Cars (June 13, 2018)
Reminder to teams to pre-scrutineer their own cars using the provided Scrutineering sheets.
URGENT: SCC Liability Insurance Certificates (May 29, 2018)
A list of teams who have submitted their liability insurance certificate. Remaining teams must submit their certificates before June 1.
Event Update No. 10 - Release of Liability Forms (May 22, 2018)
The release of liability forms for the Solar Car Challenge and Texas Motor Speedway. Please read and complete prior to arriving! Parents' signatures are required!
Team Scrapbooks Due June 1 - Digital Copy (May 21, 2018)
Reminders to submit their digital team scrapbook (with sample) and certificate of liability by June 1, and a request for additional race judges.
What Solar Car Teams Need To Be Thinking About (May 15, 2018)
Reminders of upcoming June 1 deadline to submit Certificate of Liability Insurance and digital Team Scrapbook.
Event Update No. 9 - Preliminary Where-to-Be What-to-Do Document (May 8, 2018)
Release of the early draft for the race's official events and activities.
Event Update No. 8 - Race Route (May 6, 2018)
Release of the Official Race Route for the 2018 Solar Car Challenge.
Event Update No. 7 - Team Expenses (April 12, 2018)
Planning information for teams to deal with expenses at Team Check-in and other anticipated expenses.
Event Update No. 6 - Lodging for the 2018 Solar Car Challenge (March 25, 2018)
Suggested lodging opportunities for the 2018 event.
Event Update No. 5 - Liability Insurance (March 21, 2018)
Reminders to teams to submit liability insurance by June 1st.
Event Update No. 4 - Teams Receive Pi-Top Laptop (February 28, 2018)
Information on the pi-top laptop being provided to each team registering for the Solar Car Challenge.
Event Update No. 3 - Things to Remember for the Race (February 9, 2018)
An update introducing general procedures, driving procedures, student conduct, lodging, safety issues, and impound.
Event Update No. 2 - Checklist for Filing Registration Documents (February 4, 2018)
A checklist designed to help you register for the 2018 Solar Car Challenge.
Event Update Number One - Welcome & Key Dates (February 1, 2018)
Announcement of number of teams, reminders for registration, and 2018 calendar.
Announcing the 2018 Solar Car Challenge Race Route (October 28, 2017)