Team Scrapbooks Due June 1 - Digital Copy

Good Morning Solar Car Teams,

(1) The digital copy of your Team Scrapbook is due no later than June 1st. Please email it to The hard copy of this scrapbook must be submitted during Team Oral Presentations scheduled for Sunday, July 15th. A sample digital team scrapbook is attached for your review. Please note that we are looking for evidence of student participation in the design, planning, and construction of the solar car.

(2) The Solar Car Challenge is looking for several additional Race Judges. If you know of a qualified person who would like to have an adventure of a life time, please ask them to contact me. Event Calendar:

(3) Please don't forget that your Certificate of Liability Insurance is due June 1st. The "Certificate Holder" must include the Solar Car Challenge Foundation, 3505 Cassidy Drive, Plano, TX 75023. For additional information please see Event Update No. 5.

Best regards,
Dr. Lehman Marks
Solar Car Challenge Foundation

All Saints Scrapbook.pdf