EVENT UPDATE NO. 4: Teams Receive Pi-Top Laptop

Teams registering for the 2018 Solar Car Challenge will receive by mail a Pi-Top Laptop.

This hardware will be mailed directly to the team adviser based on the name and address set out on the official registration document.

Pi-Top is a Raspberry Pi-based Laptop that allows users to develop hardware and software on a display. Each team will be provided a Pi-Top as a resource for various applications. The Solar Car Challenge Technical Staff will make available example applications with instructions, parts lists, and code for teams looking to make applications for their solar cars.

The Solar Car Challenge Technical Team is presently writing software in Python that will help students monitor their telemetry. This resource can be accessed here: https://github.com/SolarCarChallenge/pi-top

Teams are required to make some visible use of the Pi-Top during the course of the race.

There will also be a major prize for the most innovative use of the Pi-Top on their solar car.