SCC: Four Important Racing Documents

Good Afternoon Solar Racing Teams,

Attached are four extremely important documents designed to help you be a success at the 2017 Solar Car Challenge:

  • Official Where-to-Be What-to-Do Document - tells you when and where your team needs to be from July 15 to July 22. This document puts you on notice of key obligations associated with the race.
  • Track Layout - shows garages, bays, pit row locations, and other key geographic locations.
  • Team Check-In Schedule - teams are scheduled to arrive for team check-in at specific times. This is designed to provide a balanced flow of participants through the check-in area.
  • Closed Track Race Policies & Procedures - provides the general procedure for the conduct of the race at the Texas Motor Speedway.

I am looking forward to seeing you on July 15th in the Pecos Room at the DFW Marriott & Golf Club for Team Check-In.

Best regards
Dr. Lehman Marks
Solar Car Challenge Foundation

Where-to-Be What-to-Do Document.doc
Check-In Schedule.docx