Event Update 10: Team Oral Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Day: Monday, July 17th
Location: Texas Motor Speedway Media Center Auditorium

  1. Teams will "draw a number" at Team Check-In. This number will make the following determinations for teams:
    1. The number determines the Official Starting Order on the 1st Day of Racing
    2. The number determines the teamís Garage Bay location
      • Solar Cars will be located in the CUP Garage;
      • Electric Solar-Powered Vehicles will be located in the Second Garage.
    3. The number determines the teamís Pit Row location
    4. The number determines the teamís time to make your oral presentation

  2. The Oral Presentation will be made in the TMS Media Center Auditorium. Teams should arrive at the front door of the Auditorium 5-10 minutes before their presentation.

    Teams arriving late will not get their time extended. Teachers, Advisors, and Parents will NOT be allowed to enter the auditorium to hear the presentation.

  3. Teams planning to use audio-visual equipment in their presentation must bring their own equipment, and be capable of setting up that equipment in 2 minutes. Laptop computers should be "booted-up" before entering the auditorium. Teams will not have WiFi access. Any presentation should be installed on the laptop. The Race will provide a table for your equipment, and a projection screen.

  4. Teams will submit their hardcopy scrap book to the judges on entering the auditorium.

  5. Teams will have up to 8 minutes to make an oral presentation about their solar car project. Presentations, discussion, and questions will be precisely stopped at 8 minutes.

  6. Grading Criteria:
    1. Did the presentation give a full statement about the teamís project?
    2. Did all team members participate?
      Teams are required to leave one team member with their solar car to provide security during the Oral Presentation period.
    3. Was the presentation well prepared and rehearsed?
    4. Was the team able to speak without the use of notes?
    5. Did the team use visual aids?
    6. Did the teamís scrap book adequately showcase the teamís progress with the design and development of their 2017 vehicle?

  7. Oral Presentation Judges may ask questions, but will not provide feedback to the team. The Judges Panel will be composed of Solar Car Challenge Staff and the Texas A&M University Engineering Department.

  8. Teams will be awarded "forever" laps ranging from 0 to 4 laps. These results will be posted on the Media Center Auditorium door by 9:00 AM on Wednesday, July 19th.