EVENT UPDATE 7: Registration - Team Check-In - Awards Banquet - Scrutineering

Good Afternoon Teams,

Now that the Race Registration Documents have been filed, I would like to address several important items with you:

Registration Status
Please check the Registration Status page to determine the status of your team's documents. If you have missing items, please mail a hard copy of those items to the Foundation Office, 3505 Cassidy Drive, Plano, TX 75023. http://www.solarcarchallenge.org/challenge/reg_status.shtml

Team Check-In
(1) Team Check-In is scheduled for 1:00 PM-7:00 PM Saturday, July 15th, at the DFW Marriott & Golf Club, 3300 Championship Parkway, Fort Worth, TX 76177.
Teams will receive a specific check-in time. This will be based on an alphabetical listing of the names of team solar cars.

(3) All students, teachers, and other race participants must attend Team Check-In and the special meetings scheduled for Saturday Evening, July 15th. This will include sessions on race safety, driver procedure, team safety officers, and race track procedures.

(4) Teams need to bring the following items to Team Check-In:

  1. Solar Car Challenge Release of Liability Forms - requires parent signatures prior to arriving at the race. [Copy attached]
  2. Texas Motor Speedway Release of Liability Forms - completed prior to arrival at Team Check-In. [Copy attached]
  3. Team Drivers must bring their drivers' license to check-in.
  4. Solar Car Vehicle Liability Insurance Certificate. Please make sure that the Solar Car Challenge Foundation is the Certificate Holder, and that a box is checked in the Automobile Liability Section of the certificate.
  5. Teams are allotted 14 "slots" for students and teachers at the Solar Car Challenge. Teams should be prepared to pay at Check-In $150 for each team participant above this "14" count. This covers their expenses for the Opening Banquet and meals throughout the Solar Car Challenge. This does not include the Awards Banquet.

Awards Banquet
The Awards Banquet is scheduled for 7:30 PM on Saturday, July 22nd, at the DFW Marriott & Golf Club. All persons attending the Awards Banquet must buy a ticket. Teams may bring guests to the Awards Banquet.

Banquet tickets purchased before June 1st are $25/person. Banquet tickets purchased June 1st or afterwards are $35/person. Banquet Tickets at the door are $50/person. [Please make checks payable to the Solar Car Challenge Foundation].

What Teams Need to Bring to Scrutineering
(1) Rule 7.1 provides that teams must arrive at Scrutineering with a "built" solar car ready for evaluation. Teams must be ready to begin this process at 8:00 AM on Sunday, July 16th. A penalty of up to 5 laps will be imposed for teams not ready to go through Scrutineering.

(2) Prior to arriving at the Race, teams need to pre-scrutineer their solar car using the Scrutineering Booklet: http://www.solarcarchallenge.org/challenge/forms.shtml
In this way, team members know all the questions that will be asked during the Scrutineering process.

Please remember that only 3-4 team members will accompany the solar car as it goes through the Scrutineering Process. Teachers and Advisors are prohibited from approaching Scrutineering areas.

(3) Teams should plan on bringing a notebook with all the documents previously submitted to the Race. This should also include copies of any waivers or explanation sought from the Race Technical Staff. This will help staff, and help the student's quickly reference key information.

(4) Please note that Scrutineering is scheduled for 3 days this year. Once Scrutineering ends on Tuesday, July 18th, no additional scrutineering will be conducted.

Release of Liability Form for the Solar Car Challenge
Adult Release of Liability Form for the Texas Motor Speedway
Minor Release of Liability Form for the Texas Motor Speedway