SCC Event Update 5: Oral Presentation Clarification and Electrical Schematics

Team Oral Presentation
(1) On the Third Day of Scrutineering, teams will be required to make a 10-minute oral presentation about their solar car project.
(2) Teams will draw for presentation "times" during Team Check-In.
(3) The Oral Presentation will take place in the Media Building at the Texas Motor Speedway
(4) Teams will be awarded 0-4 race laps based on the quality of their presentation.
(5) The required team scrapbook will be presented at this time.

Oral Presentation criteria:
(a) Did the presentation give a full and complete statement about the team's solar car project?
(b) Did all the team members participate in the presentation?
(c) Did the team make its presentation without the use of notes?
(d) Did the team provide visual aids?
(e) Did the team scrap book adequately set out the team's progress?

Electrical Schematics - Electric-Solar Powered Vehicle Division
The Official Registration requires an electrical schematic of the vehicle's operating system. In the Electric Solar Powered Vehicle Division, teams must include two schematics:
(1) Electrical schematic for the Electric-Solar Powered Vehicle
(2) Electrical schematic for the Solar Power Charging Station [clarification]