EVENT UPDATE NO. 4 - Race Registration

The Official Race Registration Deadline is rapidly approaching: March 1, 2017. With this in mind, I want to remind teams of several important Rule Provisions:

Rule 3.6
The March 1st Registration must include:
(1) Official Registration Document (copy attached)

  • All Registration Documents can be amended up to June 1, 2017.
(2) Official Team Registration Fee - $1,000
  • Make check payable to the Solar Car Challenge Foundation.
  • Registrations received after March 1st must be accompanied by a $250 late fee.
  • Teams filing an Incomplete Registration will be assessed a late fee, and may not be admitted to the Race.
  • No Registrations will be accepted after March 15, 2017.
  • Registration Fees are non-refundable (Rule 8.3) and may not be applied to future races.
(3) Mechanical Drawings and Electrical Schematics (see information below)
(4) Specifications including weight, dimensions, motor type, solar cell type, solar array power output, battery type and capacity, braking systems, wheel type, and data sheets (see below)
(5) All team members, designated drivers, and faculty advisors must be listed.
(6) The information from the data sheets will provide the basis for selection of event participants, and will appear in the Official Race Booklet.
(7) Teams must submit a digital and hard copy of their Registration Document. The digital copy, including all documents below, must be in an Adobe PDF (pdf.) or Microsoft Word (doc.) format.

Documents that must accompany the Registration Document
(1) Mechanical Drawings: Complete, detailed drawing(s) showing the mechanical structure of the vehicle. This should be drawn with a drafting program such as Solid Edge for clarity and is not limited to one page. The drawing(s) must include crush zones, frame structure, and overall dimensions in three views (front, side, top). Dimensions should be labeled on each drawing. Crush zones must be explicitly labeled in the drawings. Drawings that fail to show adequate "360 degree crush zones" will be result in disqualification for the team.
(2) Electrical Schematics: A complete, detailed schematic and wiring diagram showing the electrical layout of the vehicle. This schematic must include but does not need to be limited to all the wiring for the propulsion, solar, instrument, and battery systems.
(3) Team Photo in digital format of at least 1500x2100 pixels and in color. This photo must be emailed to lehmanm743@aol.com. The photo may be updated up to June 1, 2017.
(4) Manufacturer’s data sheets for the propulsion system batteries, including, but not limited to voltage per battery, capacity per battery, weight of each battery, and its chemistry type (lead-acid, or otherwise). If batteries are not lead-acid, include manufacturer’s data sheets for an appropriate battery management system.
(5) Manufacturer’s data sheets for the solar cells you intend to use, including, but not limited to the size of each solar cell, the efficiency rating, the number of watts per cell, and the list price of each solar cell.
(6) Manufacturer’s data sheets for motor, motor controller, main fuse, disconnect switches, braking system, & wheels.

All information provided helps Race Officials provide feedback on your vehicle.

Attachment: Official Registration Document.doc