Event Update: Calendar for 2016-2017 Solar Car Challenge

Good Afternoon Solar Car Teams,

Attached is the Calendar for the 2016-2017 Solar Car Challenge. This includes:

  • Three major workshops (New Teams, Sources, Specialty)
  • Special Events (AAA NASCAR 500, Earth Day Texas)
  • Key registration dates (Intent-to-Race Form, Event Registration)
  • Dates for the 2017 Solar Car Challenge (Scrutineering and Racing)

What's new in the 2017 Solar Car Challenge:
(1) Updates to 2016 Rules will continue to be made through the Event Update page. Any waiver, interpretation, or explanation issued prior to September 1, 2016 will be null and void. Teams are responsible for periodically checking the Event Update page: http://www.solarcarchallenge.org/challenge/updates.shtml

(2) Scrutineering will be expanded to three days.

  • On the third day of Scrutineering, teams will be required to make a 10-minute oral presentation about their solar car project to a panel of judges. Teams will be awarded 0-4 race laps based on the quality of their presentation. The required team scrapbook will be presented at this time.
  • Presentation criteria: (a) Did the presentation give a full and complete statement about the team's solar car project? (b) Did all the team members participate in the presentation? (c) Did the team make its presentation without the use of notes? (d) Did the team provide visual aids? (e) Did the team scrap book adequately set out the team's progress?
  • Teams are expected to arrive at the 2017 Solar Car Challenge ready to pass Scrutineering. Teams not passing Scrutineering after three days will not be allowed to take part in the 2017 Solar Car Challenge. No Scrutineering will take place during Racing Days.

(3) We will be kicking off the 2016-2017 Education/Racing Season with the New Teams Workshop scheduled for Saturday, September 10th. [Agenda attached]. Please let us know by September 6th if you plan to attend. This workshop is a great opportunity to energize your team.

(4) We will be offing a new Sources Workshop on Saturday, October 15th designed to help teams discover sources for fundraising, and how to find sources for solar car part suppliers. Numerous part suppliers will be invited to attend.

(5) Our big two-day Specialty Workshop scheduled for January 14-15th will offer more hands-on opportunities for teams.

We look forward to your taking part in this year's 2017 Solar Car Challenge.

Best regards,
Dr. Lehman Marks
Solar Car Challenge Foundation
3505 Cassidy Drive, Plano, TX 75023

Events Schedule 2016-17.ZIP