Event Update No. 2021-6: Team Check-In - Team Attire - SCC Logo

Good Afternoon Solar Car Teams

Event Update No. 6

This Event Update discusses Team Check-In, Team attire, and the Solar Car Challenge Logo.

Liability Insurance
Solar Car Teams are getting excited about this summer's big racing event at the Texas Motor Speedway. Please don't forget that you must submit (by email) proof of liability insurance no later than July 1st. Our good friends at Frekeriksen & Frederiksen Insurance are there to help you if you need assistance with this required document. Contact: Erik@fredandfred.com

Release of Liability Forms
Attached are three forms that must be completed and turned in during Team Check-In on Thursday, July 15th: (1) Solar Car Challenge Release of Liability Form - signed by team adviser and team parents (2) Texas Motor Speedway Waiver (adult) - signed by race participants 18 years old or older (3) Texas Motor Speedway Waiver (minor) - signed by participant parents for students under 18 year of age.

Photography and Video Agreement Form
This form is designed to provide guidelines setting out what is acceptable with photography and video. Please sign acknowledging that you understand these guidelines, and have ready to turn in at Team Check-In.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Dr. Lehman Marks
Solar Car Challenge Foundation

Attached Event Update NO. 6

Team Check-In
(1) Team Check-In is scheduled for Thursday, July 15th at the DFW Marriott & Golf Club. Teams will be assigned a specific time to register during the check-in period. Only the Team Captain and Team Adviser will be allowed into the Registration Room.

(2) Teams may buy tickets to the Awards Banquet at Team Check-In. Note: Tickets for the Awards Banquet purchased by mail before June 1st will cost $25/person; tickets purchased between June 2nd through July 9th will cost $35/person; tickets purchased after July 9th will cost $100 per person. This yearís Awards Banquet will be held at the DFW Marriot & Golf Club.

Items provided by teams at Team Check-In:
(a) Solar Car Challenge Release of liability form signed by student families
(b) Signed Texas Motor Speedway Release of liability form
(c) Signed Solar Car Challenge Photography / Filming form
(d) Provide a Photo copy of Student Driverís Licenses. Learnerís permits will not be accepted.
(e) Provide Information about your solar car radio frequency or channel
NOTE: Teams should plan to bring a complete copy of all documents, technical drawings, and schematics to Scrutineering.

Items provided by the Solar Car Challenge
(1) Official Race Booklets [50]
(2) Official Race Tee Shirts [14]
(3) Baking Soda in case of lead/acid battery spills
(4) Emergency Medical Staff / COVID Protocol Staff / Security Staff
(5) Water in the Garage Areas

Use of Solar Car Challenge Logo
The Solar Car Challenge logo is the federally registered trademark of the Solar Car Challenge Foundation. It cannot be used by teams for items of attire, banners, or printed materials without the prior written approval of the Solar Car Challenge President.

Attire during the Solar Car Challenge
The Solar Car Challenge is based on the philosophy of "cooperation rather than competition." Our event focuses on bringing teams together through the camaraderie of the solar car experience. In keeping with this philosophy, we ask that team attire, banners, and printed materials focus on their solar car team logo, "school pride," or school. No attire, banners, or printed materials will be allowed that seek to promote any political candidate or philosophy. Failure to follow this guideline will result in the removal of the offending items and/or disqualification from the event.

Rule 6.11 - Attire for all participants (including students, advisers, sponsors, chaperones, and others participating or traveling with team) in the Solar Car Challenge must be appropriate. All participants must wear full-brimmed hats, face masks, and closed-toe shoes throughout the event. Jeans are recommended for protection when working on the car and when kneeling on the ground. Shorts must be longer than the longest fingertip.

COVID Testing
All team members and registered advisers will receive a COVID test on Thursday, July 15th or Saturday, July 16th.

Guidelines for Photographing - Filming.docx
Solar Car Challenge Release of Liability - 2021.doc
TMS Adult Waiver.pdf
TMS Minor Waiver.pdf