One of the basic principles of the Solar Car Challenge is to provide teams a level playing field for participation. Senior teams with more efficient solar cells and more expensive motors should race against each other. New teams with entry-level solar panels and less expensive motors should only be required to race against each other.

As the Solar Car Challenge has grown over the years, we became aware of a significant difference between a new team just entering the Race in the Classic Division, and the experienced team that has raced multiple events in the Classic Division. Although both teams use relatively the same materials, the experienced team has an advantage because of their better understanding of racing strategy, power management, telemetry, and other applications. This creates an uneven playing field.

The Solar Car Challenge Foundation Board of Directors has recognized this uneven playing field and has addressed this issue by clarifying Rule 10.1.2. Here is the clarification:

Classic Level Teams will be placed in the Advanced Classic Division if their school or team has raced in more than two Solar Car Challenge events. The racing does not have to be in two consecutive events.

(1) The Solar Car Challenge Foundation Board believes that this will work to the advantage of every Classic-level team. It insures a more level playing field, and provides teams with greater opportunities for recognition. With this clarification, Classic-level teams will be racing against 12-13 teams rather than all 25 Classic-level teams.

(2) This clarification does not affect in any way the requirements for building a Classic Division Solar Car.

(3) This clarification goes into effect immediately. Teams will be regrouped on the Team Profiles Page on the Solar Car Challenge website.