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May 5, 2006 - New Pre-Scrutineering Procedure Adopted for 2006 Dell-Winston Solar Race
May 10, 2006 - Hunt-Winston School Solar Car Challenge May 10th UPDATE

May 5, 2006
New Pre-Scrutineering Procedure Adopted for 2006 Dell-Winston Solar Race

Good Morning

In an effort to save you time, we are instituting a new Pre-Scrutineering Procedure. Instead of having to dedicate time to meet-and-greet a team of race officials, you can now send information/digital pictures of your solar car via a new Gallery System.

An account has been created for your team to assist in the prescrutineering process. Please login using your account right away and change your password. To change your password, please login, then select "Your Account" on top-right of window. Then on left toolbar, select "Change Password".

To login, please visit http://www.winstonsolar.org/challenge/prescrutineering/. Then, click on "Login" on the top-right corner.

To add photos, select your team's album by logging in, selecting "2006 Teams", then your particular team. On the left toolbar, select "Add Items". Then you can specify each file you wish to upload, or you may zip up all files, then specify the zipped file. When uploading a zipped file, the site will automatically unzip it for you on the server. If you are zipping the photos, please name them first (e.g. suspension.jpg).

If you are uploading pictures one by one, please put any notes or descriptions under the caption. This caption can be modified after photos are uploaded (if uploading a zip file) by selecting the drop box underneath the photo, selecting Edit Photo. Then add the caption description under Summary.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact William Shih, the Technology Director at wshih@mail.com, or call 626-688-9166.

A list of the items that need to be pictured in your gallery is attached. Please remember that scrutineering judges will be closely observing these pictures to help you get ready for the big days of Scrutineering.

Attachment: List of Pics Needed.doc

May 10, 2006
Hunt-Winston School Solar Car Challenge May 10th UPDATE

Hello Everyone!

I can't believe that it is just two months away from the Eleventh Hunt-Winston School Solar Car Challenge! The excitement is building. This year's Pre-Race Parade will follow a cattle drive through the famed Fort Worth Stock Yards.

We are trying to complete the 2006 Race Booklet. If you haven't e-mailed a digital picture of your solar team, please take this opportunity to do so. We want all the teams to be pictured both on the web site and the race booklet. This really helps with your future sponsorship.


  1. We have implemented a new pre-scrutineering procedure. Teams will have the opportunity to post specific pictures of their solar car on a "secure" site viewable by the judges.

    (a) Please make sure that you have updated your password

    (b) Please post your pictures to the site no later than May 26th. You can always update your pictures.... as well as your registration information!

  2. Teams are required to have horns on their solar cars. This is crucial when one solar car overtakes another solar car on the track and wants to pass. Plan on bringing a supply of air horns to use during the race.

  3. Teams are strongly encouraged to have a "spotter" positioned in the race stands to help monitor their car's performance, and to keep their driver informed of road conditions.

  4. With up to twenty solar teams trying to communicate within the Texas Motor Speedway, teams are encouraged to anticipate radio frequency problems. Teams must also be careful not to monitor another team's communications.