Event Update No. 10 - Release of Liability Forms

Teams must complete three Release of Liability Forms prior to arriving at Team Check-In. These forms require parent signatures. Faxed parent signatures will not work. These forms are submitted at Team Check-In!

(1) Team Release of Liability Form - this is the general release of liability form required for teams to take part in the Solar Car Challenge. [Requires parents' signatures]

(2) Texas Motor Speedway Release of Liability Forms
    (a) Adult Waiver Form
 (b) Minor Waiver Form - requires parents signatures

Suggestion: Why not plan a Parent's Night! Show parents the progress on the solar car, and get them to sign the forms at the same time. The parents might like to look at the video showing a cross-country race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UquGWfw6WBg

Solar Car Challenge Release of Liability - 2018.doc
Adult Waiver.pdf
Minor Waiver.pdf