SCC EVENT UPDATE 11: CLARIFICATIONS: Scrapbook - Food - Media - Drones - Logo

Rule 3.8 Provides:
The students may seek the advice of engineers or other design consultants. Parts may be fabricated by specialty shops (for welding, machining, etc.) as long as the students specify what the specialty shop is to do, through drawings or specification sheets prepared by the students. However, it is the spirit of the event to learn how to build a solar car, and it is recommended that students perform whatever tasks they can to construct the solar car on their own. The drawings, specification sheets, and scrapbook must be made available during scrutineering as proof of student design. Teams will also maintain a hard copy photo scrapbook showing student work on the project. This scrapbook must be submitted at Team Oral Presentations.

The Team Scrapbook must be hard copy, and will be turned in during the Team's Oral Presentation scheduled for Monday, July 17th.

Based on advice from the Foundation's Legal Counsel, it is the official position of the Solar Car Challenge that students with specific food allergies should make arrangements for their own meals due to the risk of cross-contamination.

Any reporter, photographer, or team media person seeking to "cover" the 2017 Solar Car Challenge must get prior approval from the Race Director and the Official Race Photographer. This restriction does not apply to the Team or the Team Advisor.
Any media reports (print or electronic) must credit the "Solar Car Challenge Foundation."

Drones can not be used at the 2017 Solar Car Challenge without the prior approval of the Event Director.

The Solar Car Challenge Logo is protected under the Laws of the United States. As a registered trademark, it can not be used without prior written permission of the Solar Car Challenge Foundation.