What SCC Teams Bring to Team Check-In

Good Morning Teams,

The Liberty Christian School will be hosting an Ice Cream Social at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, July 18th at their school located several miles from the Speedway. Please let me know ASAP how many people from your team will be attending the event. This will help our hosts better plan for the event.
[Please send RSVP to lehmanm743@aol.com ]

Best regards,
Dr. Lehman Marks
Solar Car Challenge Foundation

Teams need to bring the following to Team Check-In:

  1. SCC Release of Liability Form signed by families
  2. TMS Release of Liability Forms (adult and minors)
  3. All drivers verify their driverís licenses [Driver Check-In]
    [Wristbands awarded when driver completes Scrutineering Station 4]
  4. Teams with more than 14 people (students, teachers, chaperones) make arrangements for "extra person fee"
  5. Purchase tickets for Awards Banquet - $35/person
  6. Supply documents to complete Final Race Registration packet
  7. Turn in Solar Car Liability Insurance Certificate
  8. Bring a radio you plan to use during the race. The Race Safety & Communications Officer needs to check this out.
  9. Note: non-digital scrapbooks will be turned in at Oral Presentations